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complyBass overlord Phil Klein returns to his own Battle Trax imprint to deliver the first in a series of two EP’s taken from his highly acclaimed CD “Comply”, four months after its publishing.

Due to a massive plebiscite from his greatest fans worldwide, the UK Electro Bass pioneer has decided to fill his audience with joy by giving the vinyl junkies what they wanted: three of the album best jams on wax! And that’s truly a gift, not only because the tracks are huge but also because vinyl releases tend to get scarce!

Kicking off with the mighty 12’’ extended version of electrotech destroyer “Infiltrator”, A side serves up an astounding tribute to Detroit synthetism. Mash up of 808 drums action, machine funk overtones, vintage pads with groovy bubblings and light vocoded lyrics, this instant classic comes within the great tradition of Bass Junkie’s most advanced Sci Fi sounds, displaying subsonic synth melodies over a loud bassline. Lethal!

On the reverse, deep freestyle club mover “Sub-Mission (Control The Bass)” keeps the pressure with an untouchable slight industrial 90’s style. Mixture of analogic rav’aging lines, low frequencies, deep strings, fierce female vocals chanting “another day, another night…” and uncompromised beats, the “Street Sounds Electro Chart” official first Nu School No.1, soon to appear on the “Street Sounds Nu Electro 1” compilation delivers a matchless cutting edge mayhem featuring The Dexorcist on the edits. This track has been getting major play on all electro shows worldwide since its release and this is perfectly deserved.

Ending this must have outing on a retro register, irresistible tune “Jammin’ The Box” sounds like a serious oldschoolish affair. Bringing back the 80’s on the dancefloor in a nasty way, this timeless and inspired Miami Bass anthem will invite you on an improvised breakdance contest. Fuelled with percussive rhythm, ace cuts, insane 808, frantic scratches over feverish whispers, cult samples and most of all an almighty vocoder infecting your circuitry, powering your batteries to energize your borganizm, this song is a real winner! “It’s time to rock the party, it’s time to jam the box!”.

“2009 is the year of electro” said Phil. With a Gods Of Technology output called “State Of Panic” coming out soon on brand new label Balkan Vinyl, a new collaboration with The B-Boys on Street Sounds and the forthcoming “Comply EP2”, this should be also the year of Bass Junkie! Essential!

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