Return To Bass EP – Review by Nexus 6

Phil Klein runs before the wind! Over the last few months, Dexorcist partner has multiplied releases on Battle Trax, Audio Illusion and Firewire. Today Bass Junkie returns with Ed DMX famous label, for which he already dropped two albums and four EP’s, to provide an unexpected but brilliant new 12”. Cause half way from “old school Miami Bass” style usually delivered by UK artist on Breakin’ and dark industrial electro produced under its Cybernet Systems alter ego, “Return To Bass” shows a real evolution in Phil Klein’s music. “Electro Frequency” on info side is a perfect example of this new and subtle mix between nervous 808, sci-fi sounds and funky bassline. In a offensive and vicious register, “Dark Machine” combines depressive vocoder and classic electrotech rhythm. At last on the flip, “Return To Bass”, completed with its instrumental version, merges groovy electro beats, breathing samples in a Kraftwerk spirit and filtered rap. Essential!

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