Groupsex – Review By Nexus 6

Imatran Voima vs Bass Junkie

Funky and sexy, here comes the new production from Imatran Voima aka Randy B associated with Flesh O Lex, two obscure and discrete Finnish artists already heard on Kostamus or Bunker Records. Taken from their forthcoming “The Church Of Latterday Magogts” LP, “Groupsex”, dedicated to Johnny Cash, reveals on A-side an old school killer piece in a 2 Live Crew, Egyptian Lover or Grandmaster Flash style. Declined in three versions (“Radio Edit”, “Club Version” and “Acapella”), this jewel enhanced by a vocoder lauding copulation with several partners will teleport you into 80’s electro funk! Brilliant. More actual is “Quad City” on the flip, a perfect tune that welcomes immense Phil Klein (Battle Trax, Control Tower) for two unstoppable collaborations: first of all, the Imatran Voima mix based upon a muffled bass and some beautiful acid loops. At last, the Bass Junkie mix, centred on vintage synthesisers and heading melodies. A future classic!

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