Bass Junkie / Silicon Scally – Review by Paul Sullivan

There`s nothing like getting bullied by a piece of vinyl is there?

The first attack from this beefy fellow comes from Bass Junkie, who starts slapping us silly with `Internal Malfunctions`, a raw slice of acidic, audio electro, purpose built to provoke dancefloor mayhem.

He follows this with a kick-ass combo of bass punches and snare kicks in the shape of his `808FM`, which uses the same chaotic approach, but with a more dubbed out atmosphere and more twangs to the melodic refrains.

Still reeling we manage to flip the record over only to find our heads twisted and tummys tickled by Silicon Scally`s intergalactic synthwashes `Proteus` and trippy lunarscapes `Moontax`.

Defeated we fall down and pay out our weekly pocket money – Firewire wins unanimously

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