Robot Movement – Review by Michael Harmon

This offering comes to us from occasional Dynamix II collaborator Phil Klein, a.k.a. Bass Junkie, Cybernet systems, Final Dream, industrial Bass Machine (with Scott Weiser of Dynamix II and Jackal N Hyde fame). It falls in line with his other work, right into the Miami Bass category of electro.

In other words, if you expect lots of low bass and vocorded vocals then this CD doesn’t disappoint. All the tracks feature lots of the low-end frequencies that make woofers hum and make cops give out noise tickets. A must for any electro fan

Starts off with “Robot Movement”, a nice little Kraftwerk-inspired track working the Vocoder for all it’s worth. It then flows into “Will I Dream”, a piece of dark electro asking a question reminiscent of HAL 9000’s questions about dreams. From there the album goes into stories of Robots, technology and the future.

All are good, but the true standout on this album is “We Are Borg”. This track, which makes use of Dynamix’s penchant for sampling vocals from cheesy sci-fi flicks, should make any Star Trek fan happy and just might make Phil a superstar on the Trekkie circuit.

All in all, this is an excellent CD from a talented individual that should make any electro-bass fan happy

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