Robot Movement Review by Tom Magic Feet

Cybernet Systems is an alter ego for Phil Klein, a UK-based electrobass producer better known (as much as you can be on the tiny UK electro scene anyway) under his Bass Junkie identity via releases on the DMX Krew’s Breakin’ label.

‘Robot Movement’ consists of some previously released Cybernet Systems outings – including the Dynamix II collaboration ‘We Are Borg’, about the nearest the UK gets to a bona fide modern day electro classic – with a host of new tracks and comes wrapped in a simultaneously futuristic and old school vibe somewhere between Star Trek and Bladerunner

The music is defiantly hardcore, keeping to a classic electro blueprint With hard, fast 808 beats and, of course, lots and and lots of bass. As a result,’Robot Movement’ might come as something of a shock to the casual listener who’s just picked up the latest Gigolo compilation, but for the committed electro freak or anyone looking for some seriously hardcore electronic beats, it’s all systems go!

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