Demonic Charge EP – Review by Nexus6

“Dark acidic techno-electro, horror films heavily influence this style”. Here was in March Bass Junkie’s description of audio concept developed under his Final Dream alter ego (let’s read Cybernet Systems interview on news page). A quite exact definition although Battle Trax mastermind voluntarily forgot to mention rudeness of sounds experimented on one of his most secret electronic projects! For this third production taken from “The Future Is Dark” 2001 album, moves away from Phil Klein’s latest works to bring closer into hard, instinctive and vicious style. On A side, “The Power Of Evil” introduces a corrosive music enhanced by old school unhealthy strings that find in hypnotic version of “The Future Is Dark” a frightening echo. At last, scary killer “Soul Poison” will immerge you into a never-ending nightmare. Demonic!

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