808s & Altered States EP – Review by Nexus 6

Gods Of Technology is Bass Junkie & The Dexorcist. Bass Junkie & The Dexorcist are Kronos Device. Therefore, G.O.D is K.D.? Well, on a physical point of view, the answer is yes. But on a musical level, if you listen very carefully to both projects, this is not exactly the truth as K.D. focuses on hard hitting industrial songs while G.O.D explorates vast registers ranging from cutting edge areas to cosmic, energized and soulful landscapes.

That’s particulary obvious on their very first solo E.P. Smashing follow up to the “Instruments Of Armageddon” hit on Battle Trax’s highly recommended compilation “Assimilate This Vol.1” and their wonderful remix of Signal Type’s “In Abyss” (Cultivated Electronics 03), massive “808s & Altered States E.P.” showcases Phil Klein and Simon Brown’s most melodic side, introducing four eclectic dancefloor slaughters of high caliber.

In overture of the A side, nasty “State Of Panic” offers a futuristic immersion into old school electronic. Kicking off on a fierce driven bassline, propeling the right amount of funky tones for your ears, this monster of a track merges up with genius much anticipated beats to sharped drums, feverish synths oscillations & almighty 808 programming, mutating the tune into a subtle tribute to legendary Paul Hardcastle early works. Stunning!

On a totally different style, striking “Being Of Sound Mind” slows down the rhythm to introduce a Sci Fi instant classic made of noir and frightening atmosphere over awaken and consciousness vocals, some haunting melodies floating around just like a mysterious ghosts on a stormy sky. This has to be heard, top notch!

On the flipside, insane “Stealth” pays a solid hommage to Detroit synthetizm, delivering a robotical piece, full of boomin` 808, crisp staccatos, killing trance switches, sonic bubblings, gloomy strings and dirty bass.

Last but not the least, completing the outing on a deeper note, twisty “Endless”, absolute climax of the E.P., closes the 12’’ on a pure emotional jewel, sounding like a successful combination of dark vocoder parts mixed with smooth pads, deep sequences and depressive layers that will give you goosepimples.

Making a remarkable debut with this inaugurative release, evil G.O.D is renewing Phil Klein and Simon Brown’s underground style, bringing a serious freshness to their untouchable repertory and a devastating four tracker to the electro freaks. What a monster of a duo. Must have!

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