Qube EP 2 – Review by Nexus 6

Fourth vinyl release signed by UK Bass Junkie (Breakin/Battle Trax) and The Dexorcist (Tower Control/SMB) under their anticipating electrocore pseudo. Still taken from the eponymous CD album published at the beginning of 2004 (see previous reviews), monstrous “Qube” appears on A side in both instrumental and vocal version. Combining Sci-Fi sonorities, dark arpeggios and underground rhythm, this offensive piece of anthology will found a terribly threatening climate in each one of your sets. However, as superb as can sound “Qube”, what to say about unreleased “Hostile Lifeform” on the flip? True revelation and absolute climax of the 12″, this enormous piece should wake up in you an irresistible wish to mix, judge rather: As an overture, an amusing sample undoubtedly drawn in one of these futuristic films of the Sixties, followed by a stunning bass line, some old school EFX, one seizing 808 allied with devastating synthesizer strings, an industrial siren at the end of the course, not doubt, the fusion of styles between Phil klein and Simon Brown functions with full mode on what will remain like one their best pieces. To close, long awaited “Rogue Program” comes to insufflate a deep wind thanks to the use of a shifted vocoder and some beautiful minimal tonalities. A hallucinating and essential production!

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