Qube EP 1– Review by Nexus 6

No doubt one of the current best electrocore bands, Kronos Device (Bass Junkie & The Dexorcist) joins up again with its third vinyl output! Taken from the eponymous CD album released early this year on Battle Trax (let’s read also the review in our pages), “Qube EP” serves on A side long awaited “Terminate The Bass” in its instrumental and vocal versions. Irresistible floor burner, this devastator tune combines in an apocalyptic atmosphere robotic bass line, vicious filtered lyrics, Sci-Fi sounds, ultra efficient 808 and gloomy strings. All those components are heavily used on B side unreleased cut “Machine Breed”, a feverish and futuristic syncopated tune with fast cadence to be compared with Kronos Device first tracks on BT 06. At last, to complete this must have 12’’, “The Structure” comes to blow innovative industrial panic wind thanks to its low rhythm (100 bpm) full of old school hip hop nostalgia. An incredible production!!

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