Qube CD- Review by Nexus 6

“Your planet is defenceless, you have no time to react, as we lay waste to your cities, with our sonorous attack”. This is how the first Kronos Device album starts. With a threatening introduction. Taking back with the cuts already released on “Ravager Of Planets” and “Damage Control” Ep’s (cf. our previous reviews), this second CD opus published on Battle Trax camp after the Cybernet Systems one delivers seven additional pieces in a robotic, industrial and futuristic vein. Besides “Qube”, “The Structure”, “Rogue Program”, “Below The Surface”, “Terminate The Bass”, “Sinister Synthesis” and “Dead Of Night”, alternating offensive and downtempo experiments, institute a chaotic, anguishing and striking atmosphere. Like if you were witnessing the apocalyptic assault of Earth by an extraterrestrial entity. Surging of bass, vocoder and distorted lyrics, ultra dark strings and Sci-Fi influences give to this new electrocore musical concept a complete homogeneity. Bass Junkie (Breakin’, Electrix) and The Dexorcist (Control Tower, SMB) association works full team and perfectly. For connoisseurs, “Qube” will remind you of “A Taste Of Armageddon” CD by I.B.M project, produced in 1998 on Joey Boy label. The electro album of the year? More than probable.

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