Damage Control EP – Review by Nexus 6

One year after sound cataclysm caused by the release of classic “Ravagers Of Planet EP”, Kronos Device threats to invade shortly the electro galaxy. Promising an album called “Qube” to be release in spring 2003, UK duo formed by Bass Junkie (Battle Trax, Breakin, Audio Illusion) and Dexorcist (Control Tower, SMB, Fuel) reinvests sound systems today with “Damage Control” a fearsome three tracks EP which augurs dark future. On A side, industrial “Distress Signal”, fully equipped in two versions (“Vocopella” & “Instrumental”) gives audience devastating first assault. On the reverse, darkcore “Obey & Survive” goes on with engagement thanks to an incredible vocoder (the same used by Industrial Bass Machine on “The Voice Of World Control” tune in 1998). At last, atmospheric “Ravagers Of Planet” concludes this must have 12” with a quiet musical note. Brilliant!


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