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“I want to believe”. We all remember this cult sentence taken from a Fox Mulder poster on the Chris Carter TV series X-Files. Approximatively two months after the release of the almighty “Comply E.P. 1”, Battle Trax finally brings the evidence that species from outerspace exist. They go by the name of the Middle Men and come to visit Earth regularly!

On a more serious tip, following two successful 12’’ (“Tales From The Blobe” & “Splund Popper”) on Andrew A. Price Satamile imprint, UK talents Phil Klein (Street Sounds, Touchin’ Bass, Breakin’) and Jim Kneen (Satamile) team up again in a lethal collaboration to introduce their third single to date.

Moving away from Bass Junkie’s fame matchless retro style, ace “Ufology E.P.” demonstrates how much the sound of the Middle Men has evolved since 2006. Opening the A-side with uncompromising razor sharp beats, frantic “Unseen Beings” slaughter delivers an exquisite timeless jam built upon genius vintage arrangements, cybernetic touches, sneaky voices, dark layers, bleepy overtones and acidic bubblings. Showing the duo’s great versatility to experiment new musical landscapes at light speed, this staggering instant classic is followed by another dancefloor burner, nasty “Defeat The Object”.

Fuelled with robotic staccatos, 808 drums action and low frequencies, this synthetic bass driven mayhem is to bring closer to Kronos Device minimalistic works on Qube album but with a more crunchy oriented twist. Tense, relentless and unhealthy at the same time.

On the flipside, soulful “Pulsar” plunges us into an intergalactic odyssey, merging with skill cosmic airy melodies to flavoured alienating pads, spacey strings and inspired B-boy lyrics. Irresistible!

Ending the 12’’ on a most advanced Sci Fi register, downtempo jewel “Reverse Engineering” will propel you into the 22nd century thanks to a fat woofin’ Star Trek transporter machine made of raw bassline, punchy addictive beats, warm synthetic flights, vintage arpegiators and vibrating funky 303 overtones. An insane bass-heavy affair and a journey without return through space and time.

From his beginnings on Parallax in 1996 to his forthcoming appearance on Dominance Electricity, Phil Klein never stopped to renew and reinvent his sound, under his solo projects (Cybernet Systems, Battle Systems, I Borg..) or along with his fellows The Dexorcist, Jim Kneen or Scott Weiser (Kronos Device, Middle Men, IBM. This is particularly obvious on this top notch Battle Trax flying saucer, sending from the depths of the galaxy four refined airwaves to invade your ears. Massive!

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