Splund Popper EP – Reviewer Unknown

It’s been a little while since I picked up anything on New York electro label Satamile. The MIDDLE MEN ‘Splund Popper’ EP has landed on my desk which is rather exciting. The 12″ kicks off with ‘Synchrotron’ which has a monster of a squashed off beat kick drum then proceeds to get all crunchier and futuristic with all the hi-res electronic frequencies. A vocoder vocal adds a suitably dark edge. The rhythms are really driving and would wreck a dance floor for sure. The Science fiction continues on the flip with ‘Voices From The Void’. Some proper robot shit. A lot of electro these days can sound a little sparse but this stuff has a nice balance of melody and tough beats. Excellent stuff. If you’ve not checked this label out yet then you really ought to get on the case.

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