Splund Popper EP – Review by Nexus 6

This is not a secret any more. Behind the “Middle Men” project hide new talent Jim Kneen and famous UK electro pionneer Phil Klein (Battle Trax, Touchin’ Bass, Breakin’). Coming back with a new asthonishing single on Satamile, both artists offer a fantastic follow up to their previous “Tales From the Blobe” E.P. (Sat 27). The A-side kicks off with “Synchrotron”, a destructive bass-driven Sci-Fi anthem combining great vocoder actions to heavy beats and strong analogical layers. What’s the difference with Bass Junkie’s other musical experiments under Kronos Device, Final Dream, IBM or Cybernet System disguises woud you say? Well, the Middle Men explorates some more retro-futuristic landscapes, adding with boldness twisty and funky arrangements throughout for an obvious successful result here. On the flip,”Voices From The Void” serves a captivating cut made of old school airy melodies and robotic lyrics while “What On Earth?” turns into a deeper purpose, melting metallic tones to dark bubbling synth lines. With the continuous quality we know from the NYC’s premier electro label, “Splund Popper” is a kind of preview of what to find on the Middle Men first album due to release later on this year. Expect nothing but Bass, inspired sounds and unique groove!

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